SurveyGizmo users can now increase survey response with Rybbon’s built-in rewards

Rybbon’s rewards management platform will provide SurveyGizmo users with an effective way to increase survey response rates.

Rybbon, a digital incentives and rewards platform, today announced a partnership with SurveyGizmo, a leading publisher of business survey software. The partnership is built around an integration that will allow SurveyGizmo users to integrate the delivery of survey rewards into their survey process.

Without the automation of survey rewards, market researchers have to send plastic checks or gift cards and track payments with spreadsheets. But with the new SurveyGizmo integration, survey administrators can automate the distribution of rewards and track results simultaneously for multiple survey projects through a single platform.

Rybbon offers a wide selection of rewards for US and international survey respondents, including electronic gift cards, Virtual Visa and Virtual MasterCard, PayPal, as well as charitable donations. Survey rewards are sent in company branded emails and unclaimed rewards can be refunded to survey administrators.

SurveyGizmo provides a business survey software platform to over 15,000 businesses. Known for its flexibility and robust feature set, SurveyGizmo offers the smarter, faster and more affordable alternative to other survey platforms.

“SurveyGizmo users now have an easy way to deliver and track survey rewards with this integration,” said Jignesh Shah, CEO of Rybbon. “Partnering with SurveyGizmo allows us to help market researchers increase survey responses and streamline the rewards process. “

“Partnering with Rybbon allows us to deliver even more value to SurveyGizmo customers,” said Toni Piwonka-Corle, Head of Strategic Partnerships at SurveyGizmo. “Rybbon’s rewards management platform will provide SurveyGizmo users with an effective way to increase survey response rates. “

Find out how Rybbon and SurveyGizmo can help you generate more responses for your surveys.

About Rybbon

Rybbon puts the power of gifts to work for marketers and market researchers with its extensive catalog of electronic gifts from top brands like and Panera. Rybbon also offers rewards tailored to international rewards programs such as Visa and MasterCard virtual rewards which operate in over 150 countries. Rybbon integrates with the best marketing platforms like HubSpot, Marketo, SurveyMonkey, Clicktools, and Qualtrics to make giveaways easy and automatic.

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About SurveyGizmo

Founded in 2006, SurveyGizmo creates survey and analysis software that enables businesses of all sizes to make better decisions faster and at lower cost. SurveyGizmo provides survey software to over 15,000 customers in over 190 countries, with 50,000 new surveys created and 7.5 million responses collected each week. SurveyGizmo is recognized as a leader in the survey and data analysis software industry for its innovation, service and value.

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