Loan for people with difficult situations in BIK – is it possible?

As you know, each of us sometimes needs extra cash. There are various loans, loans and payday loans available on the market. There are several dozen institutions dealing with this type of enterprise in Poland. The easiest way to get a payday loan. Most companies only require data from their ID card and current account number. Those who have been entered into the databases of, among others, the Credit Information Bureau have worse. It will be harder for such people to get a loan or a loan.


Additional fortifications


When it comes to loans for the indebted, there are higher requirements. Some companies agree to grant a loan without checking the databases, but this involves additional documentation. Such a loan can be obtained, for example, against real estate or a car. In this case, the institutions have collateral in the event of failure to pay installments.

Another case of being able to receive such a loan is having a giraff.

A resident is a person who guarantees the institution that in the event of a borrower’s problems with repayment of installments, that person assumes the obligation to repay the loan.

Some companies also agree to a loan when the borrower has documented high income.

Unfortunately, people who do not meet these conditions must be refused credit.


Examples of obtaining such a loan

Mr. Adonis has been entered into the BIK database. Unexpectedly, he needed cash to renovate the flat. The loan was to be PLN 20,000 for 60 installments. Mr. Adonis has a documented income of 2000 net. Unfortunately, the apartment is not owned by Mr. Adonis, he also does not have a car. The family of Mr. Adonis lives far away, therefore no one can become a loan guarantor. In this case, unfortunately, Adam received a negative decision in several institutions. “

Monika also needed a loan with an entry in the Credit Information Base. The loan amount is also 20,000 for 60 installments. Ms Analiza has a net income of 1500, but also owns a flat. An additional advantage is the parents of Mrs. Monika, who agreed to become guarantors of this loan. Despite the low income, having a guarantor and her own apartment, Monika received a positive credit decision and could enjoy the extra cash. “

To sum up this article, credit for indebted people is possible, however, these are complicated and quite lengthy procedures.

Before applying for any loan or borrowing, I encourage you to check that we are not in any of the Credit Information Bureau databases, and if we are already entered in one, analyze in detail the conditions for obtaining a loan by a financial institution. It is worth doing so that after refusing a loan you do not feel disappointed and angry that you have not been able to get financial help.

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