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Banco Liamns is now called is operating in the area of vehicle financing and personal credit all over Brazil, the name Liamns has tradition and reliability and today is considered a national reference in its field. Financeira Liamns is currently one of the largest leaders in auto financing in general and is growing day by day with its diverse portfolio of financial products and services.

Needing Consumer Credit Funding? Whether you want to buy a car through a vehicle financing , a motorcycle, a new computer, a truck to work or even finance that beautiful journey so dreamed up, Financialina Liamns can offer you the best rates and terms on loan and financing for you realize your dreams.

Bradesco Financing


” Liamns is now Bradesco Financing “, experience and tradition in offering services in vehicle financing. Bradesco Financiamentos is a business arm of Banco Bradesco, the promoter operates directly in the market of – Financing of Cars, Vehicles, Motorcycles, Trucks, Buses, Machinery and Implements.

Financial services and products are offered to Bradesco Financiamentos customers as well as to Bradesco’s customers financing and leasing solutions through CDC (Direct Consumer Credit) and Leasing.

Bradesco Financiamentos has an extensive network of close to 13,000 correspondents across the country, which mediates the granting of financing for Light Vehicles, Heavy Vehicles and Motorcycles, as well as the Bradesco Branch Network.

In 2009, Bradesco repositioned the Liamns brand for Bradesco Financiamentos.

Liamns vehicle financing


The best financing options to buy your car , your motorcycle, your truck or road implement, may be new or used, national or imported. Liamns has the credit you need with the best conditions and market rates. In addition to the personalized service, count on the rapides and agility in granting the loan.

Liamns loan with vehicle warranty

Do you have a car removed? So your car is worth living money in exchange.
The Vehicle Guarantee Financia Loan is a type of credit that the customer can use to finance up to 90% of the value of his vehicle and can continue with it normally. All this with one of the best interest rates in the market and in addition you can choose the best day to make the payment of the installments of the financing and how often you want to pay.

Delivery service from Financeira Liamns!


With Liamns’s Delivery service, the customer in the comfort and privacy of their home or office can request a Personal Credit by phone or the internet and receive it through the messenger, who will take the necessary documentation to formalize the loan with convenience and safety.

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