How much does car insurance cost? How to choose the best policy?

Buying a car is not the only cost that the future car owner must take into account. You also need to take out car insurance. The insurance contract is usually concluded for a year.

After this time, renew it or find a more attractive offer. How much does car insurance cost? What to look for when looking for the best insurance? What are the types of car insurance and can you save on car insurance?

What are the types of car insurance?

There are two types of car insurance on the market – compulsory and additional. Before buying a policy, it’s worth figuring out how you can insure your car. Here are the types of car insurance available on the Polish market:

  • Civil liability insurance
  • AC – autocasco
  • NNW – consequences of accidents, driver and passengers
  • Assistance
  • Windscreen or tire protection
  • green card
  • AC Mini, Mini Casco or Smart Casco

Third party insurance

Third party liability insurance is the only compulsory policy that the car owner must take out. If the driver is the perpetrator of the accident, his insurer will cover the damage that will be caused to other road users. In other words, the person who caused the collision does not have to pay the victims out of his own pocket, the insurance company does it for him.

Liability conditions are regulated by the provisions of the Act on compulsory insurance, the Insurance Guarantee Fund and the Polish Motor Insurers’ Bureau. The scope of the policy is therefore the same in the offer of every insurance company. It should also be noted that for the lack of valid civil liability insurance over 14 days, financial penalties are charged. Their amount depends on the minimum level of national remuneration.

  • passenger car – twice the lowest salary
  • road tractor, bus or lorry – three times the lowest salary
  • moped or motorcycle – one third of the lowest salary

AC insurance

AC insurance

AC insurance is fully voluntary. This type of policy protects the interests of the vehicle owner. Generally speaking, under autocasco, the insurer covers the costs of car repairs that are the result of an accident or collision. Sometimes the scope of insurance also includes car theft.

The amount of the fee for AC depends mainly on the scope of insurance coverage. In addition, sometimes insurance companies insure themselves and require the driver to pay part of the cost in the event of a car being repaired or stolen. Everything should be included in the contract, so read it carefully before signing.


Accident insurance for drivers and passengers is also voluntary insurance. In this case, the insurer provides protection in the event of permanent damage to health or death as a result of an accident. It is worth paying attention to the scope of accident insurance. Sometimes it covers not only those events that occurred while the vehicle was in motion, but also, for example, when getting off or getting in, or a car fire. The car owner can take out insurance for the driver or the driver and passengers.

Assistance insurance

Assistance insurance supplements the third party liability and AC policy. Is an additional insurance. The goal of Assistance is to provide assistance in the event of a car breakdown or accident. In other words, it is technical and possibly medical and legal assistance. Most often, Assistance applies only in Poland, and protection in the event of foreign trips should be purchased additionally.

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