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QuestionPro launches ‘Budtender’ cannabis panel

August 12, 2021

QuestionPro, based in Austin, Texas, has launched a specialized audience panel made up of cannabis enthusiasts (consumers) and “budtenders” – the custodians of products sold behind the counter – and totaling more than 100,000 members.

QuestionPro, founded in 2006, provides online survey and research services, including tools for the creation, distribution and analysis of surveys and survey, mobile search and data visualization platforms.

The company says the panels will provide cannabis producers, retailers, investors and others in the industry with easy and affordable access to critical information and opinions: for example, Budtenders’ knowledge and perception of brands. , as well as consumer preferences and awareness, both with trends over time. Like all QuestionPro audience panels, the new services feature demographics and in-depth background information on panelists, representing over 300 data points collected from each member.

Tim Cornelius (photo), Director of Audience Operations, comments: “Our budtender panel is perhaps the most effective channel for cannabis producers and traders to take the pulse of not just what consumers are buying, but what the experts recommend “.

The firm has offices in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, United Arab Emirates and India, and is online at .

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