Daily Research News Online no. 31800

Momentive launches SurveyMonkey Enterprise app for Zoom

July 22, 2021

Momentive has adapted its SurveyMonkey Enterprise app for Zoom video communications to provide an integrated feedback experience through Zoom meetings.

The recently renowned company offers tailor-made solutions in five categories: Market Insight, Brand Insight, Employee Experience, Customer Experience and Product Experience. Its Enterprise version was developed for companies wishing to collect, compare and share feedback data related to the activity.

The new application integrated into the product “SurveyMonkey Enterprise app for Zoom” aims to provide information to stakeholders to increase the engagement and value of employee meetings, enable customer teams to provide pulse checks for customers and assist health care providers to provide better patient experiences by incorporating a feedback mechanism during telehealth appointments. Samantha Bufton (photo), Executive Vice President and General Manager of Investigations at Momentive, comments: “As the widespread adoption of virtual communication tools continues, an agile feedback solution will be a crucial part of improving the experience of Zoom users all over the world. ”


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