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COMMUNITY FEATURE: QuestionPro / Energizer Case Study

July 15, 2021

Continuing our focus on communities, Dan Fleetwood, President, Research and Insights at QuestionPro, examines how the company’s community management platform has helped battery giant Energizer garner quick and consistent feedback in a market. fragmented where fidelity is low.

Energizer, one of the the oldest and largest battery manufacturers and power solution providers, now operates in a highly competitive market where brand loyalty is low and brand attrition high. With a huge variation in features set on price, customers have the flexibility to look elsewhere for “value”. Collecting feedback from customers and potential customers in a timely manner is essential for these businesses. Prabhakar Sundaram, who heads the global customer information division at Energizer Holdings, sought to develop a highly engaged research community of customers and promoters to collect reliable information.

The organization was already facing challenges such as how to co-create with customers, reduce churn, and cultivate loyal customers. Now, there was an additional problem in the lack of longitudinal tracking to understand issues like shifting user preferences and price sensitivity – and one more thing: Energizer was looking to consolidate all of its consumer research under one. platform, giving them a better idea for relevant stakeholders to help them make quick and actionable decisions.

Choice of QuestionPro communities

The primary goal was to develop a highly engaged research community of customers and promoters for continuous discovery, and Energizer chose the QuestionPro platform. Key to this was the ability to combine qualitative and quantitative research and information gathering into a simple and intuitive yet powerful platform that combined surveys, polls and other methods such as online focus groups. for the main promoters of the brand. The ability to scale quickly was also vital for the client’s multiple stakeholders.

The online community has over 10,000 members in all geographies, regions and demographics and continues to grow. With over 100 projects completed each year, the information gathered from the community has been vast and diverse. The introduction of the platform enabled Energizer to perform rapid, high-frequency studies and conduct longitudinal studies leveraging gamified rewards, branded testing, post-use testing, and data collection. exploitable qualitative and quantitative information.

Continuous research for continuous discovery

The opportunities to engage with customers are very diverse due to the nature and business of Energizer Holdings: the company is constantly seeking timely feedback in a multi-competing marketplace with extremely low brand loyalty. Not only that, Energizer aims to continually accelerate research through in-depth product reviews, feature suggestions, concept review, and post-use testing across their various teams and divisions.

Brands and researchers often see online communities as a checkbox as part of the search strategy and not necessarily as an added value to information management. It’s a shame, because developing the community model and making your promoters work with and for you is a powerful and essential tool. Building community is easy, but managing it takes a lot of effort, and when done right, it can transform the speed and quality of actionable information.

According to a recent study, two-thirds of businesses employ online communities to receive first-hand feedback in order to make informed decisions. Large businesses are more likely to have communities, with 74% indicating they have one.

Faster access to information with a simple five-step process in the community

Integrating existing and potential customers into a community is an easy task. Keeping them engaged so that they deliver value in a timely manner is where the challenge lies. QuestionPro has helped the team recruit, maintain and build a community of clients and brand promoters. A significant part of the commitment was to frequently conduct small research activities and leverage them for continued discovery.

Using a simple five-step process (see section in italics below), clients and promoters were directly integrated into the community management platform, studies were conducted and information provided. shared with relevant stakeholders. The community has helped everything from offering traditional research solutions such as market segmentation to more complex tasks such as price sensitivity analysis, market share simulation, user behavior and trends. and A / B testing.

A five-step process that QuestionPro helped Energizer put in place to better manage the community:

  1. Recruit the right audience to join the community
  2. To hire members with polls, chats, polls and video focus groups
  3. Gather information target groups using specially designed tools
  4. Reward clients for their participation with gamification and tangible rewards
  5. Impact the company by applying the information gathered.

Due to the scale and reach of Energizer products, there is a constant need to stay on top of market trends, buying behavior, competitive benchmarking and more.

Energizer was able to identify trends long before they became issues for product teams, using a combination of quick surveys, easy polls, video focus groups for in-depth qualitative analysis with natural language processing ( NLP), a white label app for smart survey deployments and collecting ideas and comments with rich media. The use of gamification and rewards, concept reviews and post-use testing has become an integral and transparent part of the research process for continuous discovery and improvement.

Faster turnaround time – increased community engagement

Short polls can be used for quick interactions / quick execution studies. Longer surveys can incorporate features like heat map testing, usability testing, and advanced qualitative research, fueling advanced modeling studies.

With higher engagement, Energizer got information 200% faster and engagement increased by over 55% week-on-week.

Energizer will continue to use and leverage the community platform to achieve its business goals. Thanks to the intelligent use of this community, the research costs will be even lower and the time required to obtain information will be much more efficient and faster.

Prabhakar’s verdict? “The pace of the support and information we get from the QuestionPro research team is remarkable. I see them as a very natural extension of our internal research team – especially with a dynamic attitude that sets them apart from all of our other partners.

Dan Fleetwood is President of Research and Insights at QuestionPro, one of the industry’s leading providers of web search technologies. He plays a key role in defining the technology and innovation that QuestionPro provides to continue to be a leader in the information technology industry. He has over 15 years of market research experience and is passionate about the role software plays in helping businesses. Dan believes software can help businesses get better feedback, uncover actionable insights, and ultimately develop better products and services. Dan studied at both the University of Washington and Central Washington University and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications.

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